The Evil Will Toy With Us All (2016)

As the first ever evening length piece, The Evil Will Toy With Us All kicked off the  company's premiere at the Center for Performance Research in Brooklyn, NY. Excerpts have been seen at Pushing Progress and Create: ART.

Dancers: Maria Gardner, Sarah Housepian, Judi Jaekel, Frank Leone, Ashley McQueen, Alex Olivieri, KP Pollock

REUNION(S) (2017)   

First hitting the stage in New York in Spring 2017, Reunion(s) was reintroduced in Fall 2017 in New Jersey as it continued to evolve. 

Dancers: Sam Assemany, Erin Love, KP Pollock, Mackenzie Strom

Solidarity Divided (2017)

Created for Sans Limited Movement Festival in 2017, Solidarity Divided teamed up with the politically charged atmosphere and composed a piece of division to destruction.     

Dancers: Sam Assemany, Suki Clements, Judi Jaekel, Erin Love, KP Pollock, Mackenzie Strom, Raeann Thomas                                                                                             


Siblings reconnects the audience with their childhood, reliving some of the worst and hilarious memories of having siblings. This trio, complete with three sections, was performed for Fertile Ground in Long Island City. 

Dancers: Sam Assemany, Eric Love, Mackenzie Strom